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Microsoft Exchange Integration

Communication typically takes place through systems such as Microsoft Exchange Server. Outlook provides an easy way to manage appointments and invitations, allowing companies to coordinate and keep an overview of upcoming events and meetings. The advantages are clear: Users can create calendar entries in Outlook and send out invitations to coworkers. Since this only takes a moment, they can then quickly re-focus on their actual work.

Alfresco will let users maintain a site based calendar,  which is not synchronized with Microsoft Exchange. This means that, to gain the most value from the Alfresco calendar, entries will have to be maintained in two separate systems.

By connecting Alfresco to your Exchange systems, project times and deadlines can be made available within your project sites. Alfresco Share makes its possible to create calendar entries that are automatically synchronized with the Exchange calendar.  Outlook calendar entries are also updated in the project site. 

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Enable calendar synchronization

A click on the link “Synchronize calendar” in any Alfresco calendar will create that calendar in the public folder “Alfresco” in Outlook. Access rights correspond to those for the Alfresco site.

While synchronization is in progress, the message “Synchronization started” is displayed. After successful synchronization, the message “Synchronization completed” is displayed. Entries that were already in the Alfresco calendar before synchronization are automatically created in the Outlook calendar as well.

The following two figures show the Alfresco calendar of the site “Project Area 1” with two entries and the synchronized calendar as it is displayed in Outlook Web Access.

Ereignis hinzufügen

Event Synchronization Alfresco > Outlook

With synchronization enabled for an Alfresco calendar, new entries are synchronized immediately with the corresponding Outlook calendar.

The fields “Subject”, “Where” and “Description” as well as the times are updated automatically. The synchronization process does not transfer attachments and tags to Outlook.

This is how a newly created Alfresco calendar event looks when viewed in Outlook.


Event Synchronization Outlook/Exchange > Alfresco

Changes made to a synchronized calendar in Outlook are replicated back to Alfresco via a cron job that runs every five minutes.

If the same event is also changed in Alfresco before the cron job runs, the changes made in Outlook will be overwritten by those made in the Alfresco calendar.