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Pentaho - Business Analytics, Data Integration and Reporting

Business Intelligence systems are the nervous system of many companies. Both at the operational and the strategic level optimized information is the backbone of decision-making processes. As Premium Partner of Pentaho it-novum develops requirements-driven solutions in the areas of Data Integration, Analysis, Reporting, Data Mining and Mobile BI.

The Pentaho Business Analytics suite offers a complete open source solution for Business Intelligence.  For Reporting, Pentaho offers everything from interactive self-service reporting to highly formatted bulk reports. Dashboards visualize Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) at a glance.

Pentaho Data Integration is a powerful tool for creating ETL processes. The tool offers connectors for a wide range of data sources which can be used to enhance the data or to load it into the Data Warehouse. In addition to the ITN Connector ERP for processing SAP data, there are also connectors available for Big Data integration (Hadoop, NoSQL).

Pentaho provides a modern, open architecture, enabling the software to integrate seamlessly into existing IT environments. Its user-independent subscription model offers many advantages regarding Total Cost of Ownership (TCO), especially in large environments.

Modern technology, paired with an experienced service provider, provides the best foundation for implementing your business requirements regarding purchasing, finance or sales, amongst others. We are happy to discuss your specific needs and wishes and can guide your project from conception through implementation. We can also provide support on an ongoing basis for your best source solution.

Pentaho and SAP

Pentaho and SugarCRM

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Pentaho and OTRS

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