Manufacturing and Logistics

Manufacturing and Logistics


Less is more: Our process expertise will streamline your manufacturing and logistics processes.

Production Planning and Management

  • Do you carry enough inventory and yet find that the material needed is not there?
  • Are you seeing an unnecessary increase in working capital?
  • Are you suffering from long lead-times and poor delivery reliability?
  • Are your customers complaining or is your product quality not as good as it should be?
  • Is your internal flow of material not running smoothly?

The answers to these frequently asked questions indicate whether you have an efficient Production Planning and Control system in place or not.  Being at the heart of every manufacturing business, Production Planning and Control has a significant influence on your production performance and therefore on your business as a whole. Reliable, company-specific processes for production planning are key factors in achieving both good planning quality and maximum cost efficiency. Better production planning combined with efficient control mechanisms and management principles will optimize manufacturing logistics, significantly improving the delivery reliability of your company, while at the same time contributing to solid business performance.

This requires the right PPC system as well as tools and methods to support and enhance the production planning and control processes where needed. SAP ERP provides you with a solid, future-proof standard application. With our expertise you can rely on fast implementation of SAP ERP in your company. In addition, our Best Practices will guarantee that the software is tailored to your exact process requirements. Our solutions combine maximum user benefits with cost efficient implementation.